Painting Contractor Services

$1.00 up to $2.25 per square foot.

We also do all pre paint prep work.

check out our  NF Premium cleaning package before you paint.

Carpet removal.

Dog or Cat odors? We can help.

Free Estimates.





                       Cleaning Contractor Services

                             NF Basic

New or Foreclosed (unoccupied) with no animal odor or damage.

$15.00 per room which consist of;

wiping baseboards

cleaning bathrooms

wiping out cabinets

cleaning kitchen

sweeping/mopping and/or vaccuuming

cleaning light covers and ceiling fans

wiping out window seals

cleaning mirrors and faucets with windex 



  NF Basic Plus

New and Foreclosed (unoccupied) with animal odor or damage.

$25.00 per room which consist of;

All services listed under NF Basic with a bonus of odor removal and extra cleaning of the affected areas.


We also offer cleaning services to local businesses.

If you need garbage emptied, bathrooms cleaned, etc

Please dont hesitate to call for a free estimate.







                              NF Premium

New, Old, or Foreclosure. (occupied/ unoccupied)

$400.00 entire interior.

Animal or Smokers odor removal. This package includes;

Wipe down of all walls

Wipe down of all cabinets (exterior)

Wipe down of baseboards

Wipe down of window seals

All done with industrial deodorizer

Cleaning of all windows (inside)

Cleaning of AC return


        NF Premium Plus

New, Old, or Foreclosure. (Occupied or Unoccupied)

$500.00 entire interior.

Advanced odor Removal. This package includes;

All services listed in NF Premium with a bonus of

Removal of any animal or human feces on walls or floors.

We do not clean animal stained carpet as it is soaked through and should be ripped up and thrown out..


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